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During my four-year tenure as a GCC Board of Trustees member and President, I have been instrumental in navigating challenges and spearheading notable advancements, contributing significantly to student success.


  • Balanced the college budget and increased college reserves in support of future college needs.

  • Increased college credit rating based on increased fiscal responsibility and stability.


  • Approved the College Facilities Master Plan for future capital projects in support of the community.

  • Completed the Vaquero Athletic Complex, expansion of the Garfield Campus serving adult education, and improved facilities at the Verdugo Fire Academy.

  • Approved the building of a state-of-the-art science building.

  • Approved and oversaw the completion of a central plant that increases sustainability and energy efficiency for the college.



  • Supported the expansion of the GCC Promise Plus, which provides a tuition free two-year student support program to first-time full-time students.

  • Led the College through the pandemic response, allowing students to complete their programs through online learning opportunities.

  • Supported the college in enrollment recovery with credit enrollment rising more than 10% in Fall 2023.


  • Advocated on behalf of the community to bring in over $1 million in support of student basic needs.

  • Advocated for advanced technology that resulted in $4.5 million to build a Virtual Reality learning center.

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