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Sevan, a dedicated member of the Glendale community for over 25 years, currently serves as the President of the GCC Board of Trustees.


His leadership, spanning four years, coincides with the challenging era of COVID-19. During this time, he has collaborated closely with colleagues to navigate the educational landscape through these difficult circumstances. Working with the board, Sevan ensured uninterrupted enrollment through innovative measures, such as virtual Zoom classes. His commitment extends beyond academics, focusing on bolstering student support services. Throughout his tenure, Sevan’s primary focus has been the well-being of students. He has supported numerous programs aimed at providing essential services, such as the food pantry and housing assistance.

Sevan’s journey into educational leadership began after five years of service as a Design Board Review Commissioner for the City of Glendale. His academic journey started at Glendale Community College, igniting his passion for community service. He then pursued a B.A. in Architecture at Woodbury University, followed by a Master of Architecture/Real Estate Development. His educational pursuits continued with a Master of Construction Management from USC, coupled with a Graduate Certificate in Real Estate Development. He attributes his time at Glendale Community College as the catalyst that propelled him towards pursuing a Doctorate in Policy, Planning, and Development at USC’s Price School of Public Policy. Sevan’s primary objective as a trustee is to foster more success stories among students, similar to his own.

Beyond his educational and civic engagements, Sevan is a small-business owner and an executive overseeing the design and construction of multi-family housing projects. His dedication to providing affordable housing in California stands as a testament to his commitment to social impact. Family holds a special place in Sevan’s life. He takes immense pride in being a loving husband and devoted father to two children, Antranik and Arev, both attending Glendale public schools. His enduring passion for education, community service, and housing solutions continues to drive his efforts, ensuring a brighter future for the Glendale community.

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